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So I'm going home (err.. to school) tonight so I can finish up my homework before Monday. Which means I've got today to work on the Tank Game. Except that there are people over, so I might be playing Super Smash Brothers Melee a lot too.

I wrote a control to hold tiles. Or choose tiles. Or something; it basically displays all the tiles currently contained within a given tileset. Bah - to pictures.

This is linked in to the other window - when you click "Add Tile" the tile gets added to the tileset currently being created, and appears in the box at the bottom of the tilesheet editor. Like all the other displays, you can click and drag to slide the stuff around.

I just have to put the finishing touches on it, then I can start working on the map editor. Stuff to do -
[X] Switch the dragging action from the left mouse button to the right
[X] Have the left mouse button select a tile in the container
[X] Write display code to put a box around the selected tile
[X] Write the listener code for the Delete/Edit buttons
[X] Check and write some more "MAKE FIT IN BOX" code.

Oh, one feature of this wonderous box is that it can dynamically shove a bunch of tiles of different sizes into the box. I'm too lazy to take a screenshot of it, but trust me, it's pretty cool.

Well, not that cool because I haven't figured out how to have the map support arbitrarily-sized tiles. But you can make the tiles an arbitrary size in the editor! (the feature was primarily for tank components later, which can be of an arbitrary size. Hooray for code re-use!)

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That's awesome. I wish I wasn't a wimp that relied on Windows to make my stuff for me. :(

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Pah, you've already made Skirmish online which trumps everything I've got :P

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