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Roadmap complete!

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Just finished up my To Do list. Its all of the portions I can think of for right now. If anything is left out, Im sure it will come up during the development and Ill add it in if I can.

To Do List:

----------------------- Pre-Alpha
Alpha Map
Create Character
Character Movement
Create Items
Character-Item Interaction
Create Inventory
Inventory GUI
Create Monsters
Monster Movement
Monster Attributes
Battle Engine
Character-Loot Interaction
------------------------ Alpha
Closed Beta Map
Character Creation Screen
Character Attributes
Skill Advancement
Create Animals
Create Resources
Create HUD
Monster AI
Resource AI
Animal AI
Day/Night Cycle
Season Cycle
------------------------ Closed Beta
Open Beta Map
Skill Content
In-game Message Board
Local Chat
Sim Jobs
Creation Jobs
Guard AI
------------------------ Open Beta
Tweaking and Patching!
Final Touches
------------------------ Complete

Ive also add a quick progress bar thingy as my custom journal header so that everyone can see what Im up to so far. ;)
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Hehe, yeah, I guess a better word would be Resource Spawning, but I dont want resources to just spawn in the same spot over and over. I want them either randomly or through a small algorithm to spawn in different areas. Either way, it would be programming them to pop up in different spots. I mainly called it AI though because I put that one in right after Monster AI, which will be the point where I tell the monsters what do after spawning AND where to spawn at, which will be random or calculated points, like the resources.

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