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Alien Invaders!

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(See title):

There is an Alien(or ET), wearing a "Bob" space suit.

Next I'll have some aliens piloting mini flying saucers. Besides that, I really don't know what other enemies to have in this level.

I'll have more information tomorrow after I give it some thought.
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Awesome! He definitely looks like an evil little alien. I had thought about mini-flying spaceships, you beat me to it, great idea.

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The mini flying saucers should come out pretty cool. The graphic will show it, and a little alien guy inside manning the controls. Haven't exactly decided how they will attack yet, other than dropping bombs.

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Oh, here's an interesting idea. Perhaps these spaceships... there could be some laser beams that are always on an stretch the whole screen; alone, you can't ever get past them. However, when a spaceship comes by, it disables the beams so the spaceship can get past. You'd have to make sure the player wouldn't get stuck (by either killing the spaceship and thus trapping himself forver; that could perhaps be solved by infinite spaceships?) or something similar. Just a thought.

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Interesting. Assuming if the flying saucers act like the battleships in level 2(honestly I haven't decided yet if they will), something like this could work.

Thanks again for an idea.

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