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Stompy vs. Commander Awesome

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The showdown:

Commander Awesome fights kind of like the boss from Level 2, Except he has one differing attack, heat vision. I took the critisms from the level 2 boss to heart, and Commander Awesome does have a preset pattern and is not random. However, he has a lot of health, so it's a tough boss fight.

I'm going to make it so that once his health is low enough, the fortress will start falling apart. When that happens, rocks will fall from the ceiling, and you'll have to dodge them while still fighting the boss[evil]

After watching me play the game, my brother gave me an idea that I will try. He pointed out that Commander Awesome moves alot like Stompy. This gave me the idea to make a New Game+ where you can play as Commander Awesome. He will use his heat vision, which will kill all regular enemies with one hit. He's also faster and can jump higher than Stompy. But in this mode, you can't get on the high score table. So, it's similar to my old "Super Stompy Mode" idea.

Anyways, I got a little more work on the game to do before I release it to the showcase.
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