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3 Cheers for progress!

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

I've got a pretty good entry for you guys today, with some sweet screenys!

Collision Detection
This was a big milestone, because before now, the only collision detection was done with the ground and an object, not between entities. I still have to optimize the checks, but I'm pretty happy with the system I've come up with. Each object has it's own version of the function "isColliding(float x, float y)" which returns true if, guess what... the coordinates supplied fit the collision criteria of that object. This is handy because each object has a different way of testing for collisions that works best for that object, for example, the building can use a simple axis aligned bounding box, while the airplanes are better off using an OBB, because they rotate often. Anyways, now that collision detection is in place, I can show you guys a before and after screeny of a happy European town...



Spontaneous Ginormous Explosions
There's a rather interesting bug that's been plaguing the engine since the start, and I haven't quite figured out what it is yet, but I thought I'd share it with you guys. Every once and a while, a dropped bomb will spawn an absurd number of debris chunks, which, along with their fire emitters, really slow down the game. However, it looks really cool, and today I was able snap a screen of one of the huge explosions, as you can see below. Anyways, I just thought that screen looked interesting, so I decided to show it to you guys.

Mark's Kickass Rolling Animation
In Angels 22, you'll be doing a lot of intense maneuvers, many of which will end up with you fighter flying upside-down. In Angels 20 we handled this by automatically flipping the plane to it's rightside-up position as soon as it was upside-down, which, while it worked, wasn't that cool. This time around, we have a better system in place. When the plane is upside down, and the player doesn't touch the controls for a certain amount of time, we play this rolling animation, which you can see below. I don't know what it is about that animation, but I really like it, and it adds some cool points to the game, so I can't complain[grin]

Well, thats all for now, as always, comments are welcome[wink]! Peace Out!
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The thing I look foward to the most is seeing this in action. You can see in all the screens how the world is always changing like the clouds, smoke, etc... And by the way, that spin animation does kick ass, its not just you :)

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Well, if all goes according to plan, you should be able to play it for yourself this Friday!

Thanks for the nice comment!

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This is why you always call bugs "features". You don't have a giant explosion bug it is instead a feature of your game and the slowdown is on purpose to capture the effect :-)

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Original post by ukdm
This is why you always call bugs "features". You don't have a giant explosion bug it is instead a feature of your game and the slowdown is on purpose to capture the effect :-)

"Bullet Time!!!"

I see you finally got a GDNet+ account BTW, why I remember back in the day, when you were commenting on the original Angels 20.. good times, good times...[grin]

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I thought it was time to commit :-) still playing with the idea of a journal... maybe one day

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