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Thanks buddy ...

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I honestly don't know why I live in this shitty god damn town, all of my real friends live somewhere else and the people I know who live here are a big bunch of losers. There was one point where I told pretty much everyone to get the fuck out of my face, that they don't resemble anything remotely like a friend and I don't want to see any of them. Then when you get back it's just awkward when the bastard works at the store you need to buy something from. An unwanted situation. I hate the people in this town because they still treat me like I don't exist, and only call when they want something. A party? No, not invited and the only real reason for it is they don't think I'd be up for it. Booze, Conversations, and Video Games; you wouldn't want this ... Yes I do!

I've been waiting a week for him to pick up two fucking LCD monitors at the place where he works 4 days a week. His house is a 1 minute drive, and mine is a 5 minute drive. He has my money to get them, he works there so he gets a deal, but he still hasn't gotten them. This is how my friends are, you have to jump through hoops for them, but they sure as hell won't jump through them for you. So aside from not seeing them ever, them not inviting you to parties, and them taking a long time for small favours. I have perfectly fine friends. Fuck I hate this town.

Alright, a few of you wanted to see some screenshots of the project. Unfortunatly I haven't gotten too much extra done (outside of working on those books I bought), but I can show you what I have done.

Sorry about the icons, I really haven't bothered to many any of those yet so as of now they're just (New, Open, Save, SaveAs) (Add Frame, Add Animation, Delete, Up, Down, play and stop).

You can see in the animation for the idle that there are two frames, one that goes from sakura_jump_00 to sakura_jump_05 and the other that does the opposite. This could be done using an if statement if you want but just to fill the jump animation I did it this way. So eventually I hope to setup export, which will allow me to export the raw vertex data and or masking data. I'll also include a small lib which will allow you to extract the data from an exported file, if you decide to use it in your 2D\3D App.

PS: Sorry for being crude, but I'm still pissed about it.
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I know how you feel, all of my friends are the exact same way. I've dropped all but one of them.

The project is looking good. Keep up the good work !

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Yeah, he still hasn't gotten them for me. It took him 5 days to come and get the money (because he had other things to do here) and I've been waiting for him to get them since friday. I think I'll just invite a friend from out of town down so I can keep sane.

The project is going well, but recently I have lost a lot of steam due to the OpenGL book I bought. I've been trying to get through it, enjoying every bit. So eventually I'll get to the compiling bit and generation bit.

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