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Oh, the College Life for Me!

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Prinz Eugn


Okay, so this weekend wasn't super-productive, but it was still kind of fun(and I only have 2 weeks left of the Game Academy).


Well stuff here has been going a'ight, but I'm rather disappointed with the educational portion, which is basically designed around giving us a firsthand experience with making a game (a Warcraft 3 mod). This would be great if not I already had two years of experience anyway from me just being awesome (see Angels 20). There is some random stuff that I can apply to Angels 22, but not that much.

At least we're going into 3D modeling tomorrow, that should be something useful.

Random Art!

Weapons HUD!

You Probably already saw this over at Sapo's journal, but here it is again. I tried to make it relatively comprehensible and still include all the cool detail, like the different ammunition types.

Top View Partisan!

So I got bored with the usual stuff and finished a partisan from the top I had lying around. Well. it's not completely finished(needs the trademark drop tanks)

It's going to be used for cutscenes and maybe a cool banner or two.


I decide to work a little on some new vehicles for A22, which will add some more spice to the things you get to heartlessely destroy.
I want them to be split up into major parts, so when one explodes , the turret and barrel go flying off, potentially smashing other nearby objects/ personell.

I didn't give the split version to Sapo yet, as we have to figure out an image format for them.


Yeah, so apparently I kissed ths girl that had been flirting whit me for a while, even though she has a boyfriend back home... hrm.
Anyway, after we split up, we had this awesome text-message conversation that would truly be the pride of any pride any GDnet member:

Her(being mysterious): Hi... it's me... you should know who "me" is

Me: maybe, maybe not

Her: take a guess

Me: Hitler?

It went on afterwards, but nothing quite as touching as that.

Oh, well

Good Night.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Thats was and f-in awsome conversation!!
-your brother

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