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Urgh - part X

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Well, I finally got my machine back. I bought this machine I'd say around 2 months ago, used it for a month and a week before it broke on me. Brought it in and it has taken 2 1\2 weeks to get it fixed.

I take a look at this thing and notice that the data on my hard drive right now is toast, so I reformat. Load up some software, and much to my surprise ACPI.sys started to act up again. For those of you who don't know, ACPI.sys on my machine tends to cause a lot of defferred procedure calls and hardware interrupts. On some machines it is known to take up all of the CPU cycles, but since I'm running a dual core it tends to only use up one of the cores.

Anyhow, I root through the bios settings and come across a setting to turn ACPI off. I do so, but since windows has loaded an ACPI driver it has problems finding that board feature. After much trouble I reformat and it doesn't load the driver. I've been running this machine for 2 days and it hasn't kicked in once. I'm happy.

In one week I'm going back to Carleton University to start my second year. We got a place that's around five to ten minutes away, so getting there is pretty quick. This year I'm happy because I'm not in B.Math because of my shitty grades, but I finally got in to B.CS. Now instead of doing a few amount of math courses in "Computer Mathematics", nine out of ten courses this year are COMP courses.

So, I need to get visual studio installed.
Looks like I've almost hit 2000 views, oh goodie.
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