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Dang, I can think of about a million uses for this

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I thought the GP32 was gonna be the next Cybiko, but I was wrong. It's The Chumby.

Basically it's a little thing. It's running Linux, it's got wifi and a touch-screen, and it'll run widgets written in Flash.

And it's about $150.

And I can think of about a million uses for it. . .

  • Digital clock that plays MP3's as an alarm
  • Weather-forecaster and weather-radio that beeps during severe weather
  • Recipe browser that converts to a kitchen timer once you're done reading the recipe
  • Educational game-playing gizmo and/or virtual pet
  • eBay "you've been outbid" notifier
  • Skype/IM client
  • Daily Puzzle player
  • Cheap GPS navigator (provided someone gets a cheap GPS puck to work with it)

The form-factor is kinda weird. I would've much preferred something more like a PSP or a GP32 with a fold-out stand. Looks like it's a bit thick because of the extra IO stuff in it.

Anyway, it's cool.
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The GP32/GP2X community has a lot of dead weight behind it (e.g. consumers, that most hated of breeds) and so not a lot of original haxting gets done there. It also doesn't help that their sole retail outlets for North America seem to be laden with customs costs and are, at the best of times, highly shady.

I'm really interested by this device. Now just to get past the name, and to pull it apart and shove it into a project case.

I've submitted a request to get a free sample with the argument that I'll develop some sort of API/cross compiler for the device depending on the internals of the hardware, intended for games or rich media.

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That thing is outrageous. I like the name; it's quite appropriate. I hope it does not become a phantom game console.

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I can already hear the Chumby theme song in my head.

Chum-by, chum-by
It's got a screen you can se-e-e-e

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