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Sound and Screeny

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--EDIT: The screeny here is now obsolete, I just added detail texturing which makes it look much better. See above.

So today I got up with one goal in mind, write a sound manager using the 2d sound library Audiere, but make it pan depending on position to fake 3D. And I did. And it works =D

In other news, artMage on #graphicsdev/chat has kindly let me use textures from his texture pack, and they bring a welcomed new look in my opinion:

QRebound has gotten the dragon model all skeletoned up, so now I can make it pose =D. I can't wait to see it animated, but right now he's programming on the Actor class, which takes priority. Still I can't wait to see it done =).
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If my connection wasnt being a Grima wormtounge... i could update... *working on that now* Looks absolutely awesome!

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