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Short, questionably sweet

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Prinz Eugn


I've been working on what I think will be one of the cooler bosses, which is saying something among the awesomenesses of the Angels 22 experience. Well, anywhere here is the engine of the armored train you will have to destroy, sans giant red star:

Larger version

More to come tomorrow, or maybe even tonight; I've got a date with C&C: The First Decade to make good on.

See you guys then!
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There's quite a few more cars that you can't see in that picture, if you put them all together, the thing is really freaking long, with lots of guns, so don't you fret[wink]

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Nice choo choo! All aboard the Siberian Express!

Surely to defeat a train though all you need to do is blow up the line and wait for it to derail itself?

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Hmmm... good point.

I know!(I just came up with this): You can't derail the train because it is suspected to be transporting chemical weapons (some foreshadowing for the Chemograd Mission), so you have to destroy the multiple engines, which are extremely well armored, not to mention protected by the gamut of flak and SAMs and spread out over the length of the train.

I'll talk more about the mission layout once I get the whole thing done and up here.

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Original post by medevilenemy
Good work. One thing: you and sapo really need to post more often [grin]

Oh, how we try. I don't like to post unless I have something substantial, which is not as often as I'd like given school and the rest. Eventually I need to sit down and write a gargantuan entry about the whole game, like a mini design document.

In any, case I'll guarantee an entry by me tonight, with another by Sapo extremely likely.

Thanks for the enthusiam, now I have to finish that train[wink]

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