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I'm statisticalyzin' (almost)

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Awright, I'm at the second-to-last step of the new back-end for the games, and that's the new Stat-O-Matic Statisticalyzer app. This is a little gizmo that you'll be able to use to track scores and rankings for yourself or other players on the daily puzzles.

It's here.

It's pretty-much the way I want it to look. I know that the (currently random) bar-graphs are very crowded, but this is pretty-much the "worst case" of play that you're seeing here. This is for a user who played a game three times a day for thirty days straight. For a more average user (one or two plays a day, five days a week), the graph will be a lot more readable.

Now it's just a matter of connecting it up to the database so it can grab the stats and display real stuff rather than just the fake data that's there now.

Note that this'll only work with games with the "new" back-end. And right now that means Poker Patience. Poker Patience is basically done (except for adding sound), and it's fully versed in the new back-end. So give that one a try if you don't mind. That way I'll have a few more numbers to make the bar-graphs more meaningful.

Once that's done, then I'll work on the trophy case. The trophy case will hold all kinds of little hidden awards that you'll get for making various achievements in the games (like going over 55% in Voracity or clearing a Shi Sen board four days in a row). I hope to add a few dozen hidden trophy opportunities all over the existing games so you little game-monkeys can spend hours trying to collect 'em all.

After that I'll be retrofitting the system back to the existing daily puzzles.

Then it's five more new daily puzzles.

Oh, and thanks for the kudos from Noaktree on Bulldozer. Looks like the download system's working smoothly now.

Now I need to figure out how to accept checks (even though paypal will work with checks, but go figure). I'll probably just go the low-tech route and come up with a printable order form and let folks send me ten US bucks and I'll send 'em an email with their magical unlock code.

Any other electronic-payment solution, alas, will be beyond the realm of those who still insist on stuffing cash into an envelope.
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I'll assume the stat generator won't have 5 or 6 "defaultvalue" entries for the game list when it's hooked up to real data ;)

Bit of a hijack, but how goes the work on porting your games to the Mac? My girlfriend is getting too addicted for just one puzzle a day on your dailies...

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