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The problems arrive

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Well, nothing planet-smashing, but the problems did manage to rear their ugly heads upon releasing the Mac versions and changing dang near everything on the back-end. Specifically. . .

1. I broke google checkout by changing the name of the back-end CGI from the default without changing the link to it in the storefront. Easy fix.

2. I broke windows downloading by forgetting an "else" in the download back-end that automatically appended .DMG to every file. Easy fix.

3. My "Thanks for buying my games, here are your download instructions" email didn't include installation instructions for the Mac. I knew I'd forget something. Complete oversight on my part, but fixed without much hassle.

4. Despite being compiled for PowerPC processor, it turns out that the Zinc stuff is compiled with libraries that don't exist on MacOS before version 10.4. Unfortunately, this one's out of my hands, so I have to change the required system specs to require 10.4. Poo.

I'm really hoping that Apollo will include enough support for client stuff (like SQLite) that I can start using it and dump Zinc. Much as I was hoping that Zinc would be a solve-all-problems solution, its support outside of Windows is pretty wobbly. Details are still pretty sketchy at this time, so I can't rightly say if it'll solve problems I have now or if it'll just introduce new ones (like "you have to rewrite everything to use Actionscript 3").

On a completely different note, I finished reading pretty-much the entire Octavia Butler bibliography (as the works of a black woman sci-fi writer are the rarest of things and must be studied). Her untimely death is a real shame because most of her series' (save for Patternist, which is actually reverse-open-ended) were pretty open-ended and would've lent themselves well to new chapters. So I'm reading Footfall by Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven. It's a fun "aliens wipe us all out" story. Lotsa 'splodey stuff.

I'm also reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. Dawkins is smarter than ten smart men, and his intellect and handle of logic crushes everything in its path.

That is all for now.
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I'm guessing you've already watched the series as you have Dawkins book, but if you haven't already than watch "The Athiest Tapes" on Google Video. It builds upon much of what Dawkins states by other leading PhDs in the field.

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It wasn't even shown in Canada (which usually has almost anything on TV as our standards are fairly lax). Ah well.. at least it's online and the upcoming generation is web-savvy.

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