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Here is a new demo of "The Adventures of Blocky Man".

I'll state beforehand that I realize that the money and lives in the game are still worthless. I haven't added their usefulness yet, and plan to at the same time that I make level transistions.

As in the last demo, you can edit the Blorp level in the level editor. I wouldn't recommend doing that before playing it, but it is up to you.

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Excellent stuff, I love the blorp enemies, the animation is perfect!

Its great fun trying to keep bouncing from one to another trying to take them all down as the bigger ones split.

Keep it up, good work.

I love this game [smile]

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I agree that was awesome and it's really fun bouncing back and forth. Though, the mountain dew got me a few times.

The thwomps were nice too.

Also, you probably know this, but your lives-count can go into the negative.

Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for trying it out!

The negative lives bug should go away once I add game over with 0 lives. Since lives don't do anything yet, you can lose as many as you want without anything happening.

That reminds me that I have to create a game over screen...

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Great work! Quite a fun game. I always like playing platformers. I played with your level editor and made a small survivor arena. You need more enemy types, but I realize its a work in progress. Keep it up!

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Awesome! I especially liked how you created a sort of waterfall of blorps down in the pit. Definetly shows off the sheer amount of them that there can be.

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You should consider adding scripting -- dcosborn made a survival map but it doesn't "really" have survival features.

Scripting lets you ad-hoc entire chunks of one-off functionality. It's great. Spend a day adding Lua and binding it to a bunch of game events, and then add a scripted button entity or something. You won't regret it.

Also, I want a Mac port. Or at least the source, so I can make a Mac port. [wink]

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I agree that scripting should be included in my games. Which reminds me, I need to go and reread the section in "Game Scripting Mastery" regarding existing languages.

I'll send you the Blocky Man source if you want to create a Mac port of the game.

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