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The first shipment arrives!!

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Whoohooo! The UPS truck dropped off some early early early xmas gifts for me [grin]. It's unfortunate, but not all my computer parts were able to ship from the warehouse in Edison, NJ. My case is coming in from CA and my power supply from TN. So the PSU will arrive tomorrow and the case on Thursday :P Oh wells. P1ctar!!!11

My monitor also arrived today. It didn't come with a DVI cable unfortunately, just RGB. So I'll have to add that to the shopping list. I plugged it in place of my current one just to test it tho and it looks awesome - no dead pixels or anything *phew!*. I was going to hook it up to my old little lappie and install MaxiVista for an early glimpse of three-monitor goodness but I can't seem to find the dongle that I need to connect the RGB plug to the lappie [sad]. So I guess I'll have to wait till Thurs. It's all set up ready to go tho!

I had to move my A/V switchbox tho - luckily it fits perfectly next to my mouse charger/stand

Schweeeeeet. Well I guess that's it for now. Gonna try and dig up that dongle again later this evening, and also install the 1GB of RAM I got for this laptop as well.

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I have some unfortunate news for you :(

I regret to inform you that I was speaking with Beeker last night, and she has claimed ownership over your system. I'll PM you her shipping details so that you can get the parts out as quick as possible, she'll forgive you on being late with the case, etc as that really isn't your fault.

On another note I am building a system almost identical to that next week... the only differences actually are that I want the Cooler Master Ammo case and I'm getting a cheapy Geforce 7300GS to use just until March or so when I can choose between the various DX10 pieces. Although I *may* order different RAM as I have been looking at both the Corsair XMS2 as well as the OCZ Special Ops.

I noticed something a little strange in the picture below when I enlarged it:

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I'd tell Beeker to back off if I were you Saruman. My bird's already taken out another fem. all he does is sit in his cage all day and I know he's just plotting to escape so he can kill again. He's a vicious one. Don't make me turn him loose! He might decimate Beeker's whole squad, as he is of course trained by me in the Ninja arts. Secret Spy vs. Ninja? Hmmm this might actually be worth seeing after all...

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