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Well, I've been busy. Kind of.

Last night I flashed my router (WRT54G) with DD-RT firmware. Its much nicer, and lets me telnet into it. Sweetness. The actual flashing procedure was really smooth and easy, but when I turned the router back on the internet no longer worked. I attributed this to my DSL modem, which is a piece of shit. Letting the setup sit for an hour (to watch Daily Show and Colbert) fixed the solution :tard:

And, yesterday, I decided to write me some forums. They're almost done, just need to add in a regular expression word filtering system for posts. Things like \n need to be replaced with
, etc.

Also, wordfilters are fun.

The forums look like shit, but meh. The key point is that most of the functionality I'd want is in place. You can see them here.

Yay! Regex wordfilters are implemented:

pwn => suck
penix => penix
fuck => shoop
shit => pants

I'm open for suggestions :D
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