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Evil Steve


Yay, GDNet is back!

Let's see, what have I done... I downloaded Office 2007 from my MSDN subscription, and I've got that installed for writing my GDD, and I managed to get my ATI drivers installed (Old version), finally. However, they keep screwing with my multimonitor setup - the second monitor starts up with "VIDEO ERROR" on the OSD, and I have to go to display properties, Un-check "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor", click Apply, then re-check it and click apply and it works. Not too bad, but irritating nonetheless. I'll try the latest drivers at some point, when I can be bothered.

I also got MSVC installed, and then found that I didn't have the platform SDK with me. So I've downloaded that, but not yet installed it. I really need to get MSVC back up and running so I have no excuse not to code...


It's my lunch break now, and I'm bored. GDNet isn't busy enough yet. Cartoon Network Racing is out in the UK now (Whee).

Anyone played The Settlers III? I just discovered that their resource gathering stuff is very similar (read: pretty much identical [sad]) to my idea. I.e. you have workers transport goods from one location to another. Oh well. I'm going to go do 'something'.
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i have played but i think settlers II was better. here's the free remake, maybe you know: http://widelands.drehatlas.de/modules/news/

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