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Here I Be...

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Prinz Eugn


...as promised. So I today I kinda did a lot of yardwork, involving mostly hacking away at the prevalent flora in our area. I also happened to work on that big F-45 drawing, which I call the Kestrel, after it's supposed official name.

Kestrel w/Colors

Someday I should go through an explanation of how I do drawings like this in photoshop, it could be interesting-esque... Ok, so I started the coloring and the shading, andmade the canopy reasonably shiny:

Eh, JPG'd pretty bad, but let's pretend that just adds texture...

G36C, Son- Pop Pop!

So lately my friends and I have been screwing around at my house after school a lot, doing things that, well, guys do when they screw around: get hurt. Actually the injuries have been minimal and incredibly hilarious- what I'm trying to say is that we've been target shooting with BB guns and it's been pretty fun, so we decided to get airsoft guns so that we can get really crazy and start playing in the desert.

We're all getting the cheapest (cool) airsoft guns we can find, around 20-30 bucks($)

Sir Sapo is getting a FN P90, which looks cool but doesn't shoot very far with much accuracy

Other friend #1, I'll call him "Smootymiester," is getting a tricked out version of the UZI, which is another bullet hose, but at least it comes with a foregrip so he can pretend to aim.

Other friend #2, who I'll call "Kyle"*, is getting a plain M4, and by plain I mean we accidentally got the version that shoots out plastic shells for "realism." Could be neat.

Me, I'm getting the pimpest one of all, the G36C, my favorite gun in Battlefield 2. Nothing like taking out snipers with a carbine; they just don't expect you to shoot back, the poor fools. Man, I need to play that game more often, no more silly drawings! [grin]
Amazon says the one I bought is Aight(didn't think to check before I got it), so I'm excited for Wednesday, which is when Kyle's and mine are arriving.

*May actually be his real name (Oh noes!)

Ok, I need to go to the sleepy time, see you guys wheneva!

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Hey Mark,

You stuff is pretty awesome as I've been admiring from afar. Keep the images coming and again good stuff!

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Both the P90 and the G36 look really pimp. Let me know if you're ever in Michigan and wanna airsoft.

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