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Captaiz Z

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My pokemans, let me show you them

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Progress has been good and I'm again at a stage where I am happy to show what I've been up to [smile]

XNA Managed Physics Heightmaps 01XNA Managed Physics Heightmaps 02XNA Managed Physics Heightmaps 03

So far I've implemented boxes, spheres, capsules and heightmaps. Multi-body actors and convex shapes are kind of done but not finished or tested. You may of course be thinking "Since when were you going to do capsules? Where are the cylinders!" and you would be right to think that [smile]
It appears that although Tokamak supports cylinders by name, they aren't really cylinders. I'd really love to have proper cylinders in there at some stage, but that will have to wait until this managed version is at least near as feature complete as the original Tokamak. Also, joints are next on my list and they look pretty complicated, so there may not be any updates for a while [wink]

Another thing I've been thinking about is the name. I have a fair few ideas myself about what to call this library but I reckon it will be fun to see what other people think it should be called [wink] Personally I'd like it to have a really really silly name, something that makes me laugh when others have to say it when asking questions about the library [grin]
So, if you have any ideas, I'd be happy to hear them [wink]

As usual, I've uploaded another video on YouTube
">here. It is hardly a directorial masterpiece, but it at least shows off what the library can now do.

I'll probably add a project page (on my site) for this later on today, put some more info about what is done, what isn't done and what I'd like to add myself. [smile]

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