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Minor site redesign

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I did a little minor site change, prompted by my wife. She wondered why I have something pointless and dull (i.e. the site news) on the front page while the actual games menu lives a level deeper.

So I changed things a bit. I expanded the carousel games menu to include all the games, and I moved the site news to a little expando-pod in the corner.

Yeah, it's kinda flashy and pointless and will likely be replaced when it gets too crowded.

Check it out here.

Oh, and I love things that integrate nicely from other sites. The site news is actually coming from my blog on blogspot. I tag any site announcements and they automatically appear there. Google publishes their specs so it wasn't too hard to grab out the relevant stuff as XML.


There's all of about 50 lines of code to grab the XML and format it to fit in the expando-pod.

So I guess I also love sites that give away their bandwidth for free just for the sake of my own convenience :)
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