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Evil Steve


Ok, I've updated "TEH MUD!!1 Todo List" to include most of the things I need to get done "soonish". I had this idea for "genetics", which I'll go into a bit here.

Default account creation
A user can connect, create an account, and carry on as usual. This would be what most people expect when they create an account.

Two existing users, who have a total online time (age) over a certain limit (TBD) can pair up and create a user. When a user creates an account, they're asked for their "birth ID", which is a password (or number) generated when two existing users generate an account together. After a birth, both parents will be unable to give birth again for a period (time being online time).

Whenever a user is created through "birth", their parents statistics are merged, and some mutation is added to form the statistics of the new user. If the two existing users are closely related, then the merged statistics will be very similar, so mutation will affect the outcome more - hence "inbreeding".

Thinking points
  • I need a way to reward users for "birth", so that there's an actual reason for users to pair up and create new users, while at the same time I don't want to punish users for creating a default account. Some sort of minor reward for the child and slightly larger reward for the parents would be best.
  • For genetics to work properly, I'll probably need to have a number of hidden statistics that are stored for each user, so that these can be merged and mutated. I really need to think this through properly on paper.

    Anyway, that's enough gibbering from me for now. I'm off to bed.
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