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Evil Steve


I've been tasked with some tools work at work, and I've come across a few juicy code snippets I'd like to share.

There's so many things wrong with these that I can't even be bothered listing what they are.

First, a simple memory leak:

blUtilFindFilesResult * textureBatchFile = new blUtilFindFilesResult( source , target );
textureDirSet.insert( *textureBatchFile );

Next, an "interesting" way to skip over the "." and ".." directories returned by FindNextFile:

hFindFile = FindFirstFile(inputDirFilename.c_str(), &fileData);
char * test;
if (!(hFindFile == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE))
test = fileData.cFileName;
FindNextFile( hFindFile, &fileData);
while ( FindNextFile( hFindFile, &fileData) != 0)
test =fileData.cFileName ;
inputFileList.append(" ");

And finally:

static char * getDirName( const char * _pInputName, char * _pDirName )

size_t fileNameLength = strlen(_pInputName);
char * filename = ( char* )malloc(fileNameLength+10);
strcpy( filename , _pInputName);
int dirLength;
for( int i = fileNameLength; i > 0; i-- )
if( filename == '\\' )
filename[i +1] = '*';
filename[i +2] = '\0';
dirLength = i+1;
_pDirName = (char * )malloc( dirLength + 20 );
strcpy( _pDirName , filename);
_pDirName[dirLength] ='\0';

return _pDirName;


Oh god.

Back to getting rid of the crap...
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