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Preparing For Battle!

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In my quest to create the "Ultimate 2D Side Scroller" I will keep you updated on a suite of software that I will be testing shortly. The company that I work for (Compuware)has developed this little gem "SoftICE" and all I have heard is rave reviews about it. Link -> http://www.compuware.com/products/devpartner/softice.htm
Here is a blurb from the product website....

"Catch bugs in the act--even after a system crash
Since SoftICE doesn't rely on Windows resources such as video and console I/O, it's immune to Windows system failures. SoftICE freezes the entire system when a fault or exception occurs and collects system state information--data that might otherwise be lost by the time a traditional debugger has loaded. SoftICE captures valuable debugging information to help spot coding bugs fast across integrated development environments--even when the dreaded "blue screen" occurs. "


Now I don't know about you but that seems very cool . Softice is actually a plug-in for DevPartner - Link-> http://www.compuware.com/products/devpartner/enterprise.htm

DevPartner comes in a few different flavors such as DevPartner Studio Professional Edition, DevPartner Studio Enterprise Edition & DevPartner for Visual C++ . Of course I'm going to use the Enterprise Edition...why wouldn't I. Compuware offers me a six month license that I basically renew every six months. Plus, this makes them happy that Im learning another company product

So as to benefit those who care, through out the life cycle of my project it will be interesting just to see how effective these tools are. And, I will provide screen shots and user insight in the sake of community interest.

Here's to looking forward to Bug's?

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