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Dukandia - A week of progress!

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well as some of you might know last week, we released our first video on Dukandia progress! we decided that we should try and publish a video every week, and this week is no exception to our new goal. This week has also been amazing as far as visual progress goes. Last week we left off at a barely functional main menu / log in menu and the ability to view the settings menu. This week we have a lot more done as far as menus and their functionality! This week was also one of our most active IN the week, usually we have other things to do but this week we got lucky. I informed you of our new Character selection menu, as well as gave you a rough idea of our new experiences system, and hey it doesn't stop there! read below, video will be displayed at the bottom!

Character Selection:
This menu has really been on of the more "big" menus. The buttons are well big and its one of are more clustered menus at that and the first to feature multiple Blocks of wood! The left will show a portrait of your character as well as symbols about them (see video)


Character Creation:
I will be honest, this menu has me worried, it is the most daring; has the most new interface options and well covers most of the screen! However I really do like it, it has options that we can later use for amazing features in the game. So let me know how it looks and if we did good at trying some new techniques, button size was returned to normal for this menu.


This idea is really hard to explain, so well useless block of text this is; see the video below however here are some graphs to help try and explain it, follow along with the video if you must.



Note: Audio get weird here and there, sorry, will prevent this in the future.

you can view the video here:

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Glad you like it, in the next few weeks it looks like well be on in game features I'm giving alpha an eta of mid April but well see

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