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Quaternions and not much else

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Well, it was a slow week. Actually a frantic one, without a lot of free time to work with. Coupled with a camping trip to the beautiful Jasper National Park, I didn't get much of anything accomplished. Which is fine, because I think Gaiiden is missing this journal on purpose (blink.png)

I worked a bit on getting skinned animations up and running, and since I only got part way before the crash of '14, it is still quite a new topic for me. So far it's just a quaint viewer, but I have the bone orientations showing up from my DIY skeleton/animation format. Before I was able to get to the hierarchy in motion, I had to beef up my math library a bit, adding missing functions for quat->matrix conversions and viceversa, which went alright.

Next up was Euler, or should I say, Tait-Bryan angles. I had never heard the second term used before, but after some browsing through wikipedia, and trying to find out where the code I was working from went astray, I was set straight. For the curious, and uninformed like me, Tait-Bryan angles are the traditional yaw,pitch,and roll rotations typically referred to as Euler angles. According to wiki, Euler angles actually rotate around the same axis twice, once as a first rotation, and again as the third. Coupled with the difference between intrinsic(relative to the local space) and extrinsic(relative to a fixed system) there are a lot of options with which one be confused between. Such was my dilemma, as the neat code snippet I had found was not working with Tait-Byran angles at all, which I now understood, but was using x-z-x intrinsic Euler angles. So after some fussing around with +/- operators and straining my eyes at all the possible permutations of c s y p r, I finally had the one I was looking for. And now I have all the needed functionality to move one.

Looking ahead, I will likely continue on the path of animation in the next week, or perhaps finally get dirty with some sse/sse2 optimizations, which would be another first. Then again, seeing all that beautiful scenery got me thinking about terrain again, so there's that too.. lots to do so, until next time.

[EDIT] : I gave Gaiiden a hard time, but some of the blame rests on me. I guess it would help if I PUBLISH the journal, rather than just save as a draft. WHOOPs!
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