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WOA - My Return!

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My Return!

I'm not dead!

It's been a long time since I have written any games or even written here. I continue to lurk but I've been primarily focused with enterprise software development for the past few years. Also, I was burnt by an artist for the last time and lost the desire to continue on with game development after being screwed over by 7 artists over the years. I still have a burning passion for game development and I guess this may be the start of something new.


I had read about the Week of Awesome a month or so ago but completely forgot about it, about this morning while at working firing up the engine (brain) by surfing my usual sites; gamedev being one of them. I looked at the journals as I always do and was quickly reminded of the Week of Awesome competition and that I had thought about participating. After reading the journals I knew what the theme had been (quickly confirmed in the competition thread) and the idea's began to flow.


My inner voice kicked in....why? Why should I do this? I'll be happy with the gameplay but miserable about the graphics and audio. After announcing to some friends via BBM that there is a competition happening this week and I am excited but not sure about participating, one of my artistic friends stood up and she said "I can try to learn electronic art and help you". Those were the words of encouragement I had needed to hear.

All Systems Go!

Now with my brain exploding with ideas, concepts and mechanics I have to reel myself in to make it through a full productive day...of which I was just dropped a bomb of creating a design for something for a meeting in 2 hours....woot woot! Ah the corporate life.


As mentioned earlier, I will be working with an artist friend, she is creating an account name "MusicboxDancer". It will be the two of us and our team will work under "Great White North Productions".


I wish all the teams the best of luck, may the odds be ever in your favour.
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Great to hear this got you back into gamedev, i hope it can keep you going after this competition as well!

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Welcome to the competition! I'm glad that you found the motivation to enter, and that you had a friend willing to help you by entering as your artist, and (I presume) with the skill for it. happy.png

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