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Hi friends!


Short post for this week, as lots of ends are tidied up. This week I added several additional paths through the Ice Cave (along with about 25 new puzzle options and a new mechanic). Additionally, a lot of love was added to the Ruins, with tons of bug fixes throughout - I don't want to go into a lot of detail here because the Ruins are pretty spoilery?


Finally, saving / autosaving works a little differently now. Before, whatever you were playing would just autosave in the top slot - all fine and dandy, but you couldn't create new "slots" if you wanted to have several parallel games. Now, whenever you hit "New Game" it will create a new save slot, and will always autosave into that slot; if you load a new game, the autosaving will happen there. As before, you still can't manually save mid-day.


That's all for this week! We're off next week for the holidays, but we'll be back on Dec. 27 with just a bucket load of news for you, and the last content patch before Early Access, "Room at the Inn."


- Dean


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