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[Poject SpaceVille] Devlog #6 - Ramping up the Art



Hello, everyone! :) 

As you may know, last week we went to Game Dev Meet @Porto. It was our first presence at a Game Dev Meet as FAXIME, and it was just awesome! We had the chance know a lot of new developers and their projects from around our area (North of Portugal). We even got to test some!

We also had the chance to talk to a director of an acclaimed video game developer from Portugal, and he gave us some great advice on how to start a startup and launch our first game. Thank you for that! :)

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to show off “Project SpaceVille” (sad!!). We were fixing some last minute bugs before we left, but everything else was fine. And then… we decided to change some assets 2 hours before the meet started and it was chaos! Bugs everywhere! Problems with the animations! Crashes here and there! ... So, I guess we’ll have to go again next month! (laughs)

In other matters, we have a nice announcement to make. We’re basically done with the functional (programming) prototype phase! So, these past few weeks, we’ve been starting to ramp up the art department. This is basically to start switching placeholders and make the game beautiful! Our team member, “Midday-Mayhem”, is of course on the lead. We haven’t quite settled in a concrete art-style yet, but we’re confident in “Midday”’s abilities! Stay tuned for that!

Meanwhile, for the past 3 days we’ve be sending a couple of emails to some really talented folks on DeviantArt. Since we’re ramping up art production, we’re currently in the process trying to find an artist to join our team! I won’t lie to you, we’ve been trying to have someone join the team for quite some time now… but I think we are finally getting somewhere! (fingers crossed) But boy, let me tell you, DeviantArt can be a weird place sometimes! (laughs)


Game Developments

Want to see what your character’s base mesh will look like? Here is a screenshot! (haven’t done those in a long time now) (laughs)




We’ve also been messing around with the player input. We want to make sure that it feels as natural as possible. So, for example, when you click on a tree close by, with an axe equipped, the player starts chopping it down.

We’re also working on the “Drop Item” feature, in case something that you don’t want is taking up too much space on your inventory or you just don’t want an item. Now you’ll be able to drop it, either by dragging it out of the inventory or by just clicking a button.

Unfortunately, to do something as simple as that, we needed to change a lot of the code we had. There were a lot of mistakes we made in the past when it comes to how we coded the “Project SpaceVille” prototype. The previous code was basically juggled to work on the university presentations we had. (laughs) But now, we’re in the process of refactoring most of the game’s systems to allow them to grow sustainably in the future.


In The Near Future...

About Indie Dome we talked about on the previous post: the deadline to apply was extended to the 15th of August. Thank god! (laughs) We’ll have time to improve the small experience that we have fix all bugs (we hope) until then!


And that’s it for today.

In the coming weeks, I have a feeling you’ll be seeing some awesome art-related stuff from “Project SpaceVille”.

Please stay tuned for more news!


See you soon,



Follow us and keep updated at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FaximeGames
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/faximegames/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FaximeGames
Pintrest: https://www.pinterest.pt/faximegames/


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