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Colour Pallets

Brayden Beavis



In the early stages of design the team failed to outline a clear and concise colour palette to work within. Essentially this allowed for each member of the design team to interpret the in game environments however they wished, it also meant that during the phase of asset creation, the assets were inconsistent and often contrasting. It was only when the assets had come together that this was realised and the team addressed it immediately, focusing on steel greys for the structure of the HUB world with touches of blue to compliment the Colonists uniform. At this point however, it meant creating new renditions of the assets that work in unison of each other. Mainly it was minor issues that were easily fixable such as panel details or table top colours, however one area in particular was quite problematic. When I designed the Volcanic environment, I had a significantly different idea to the other designers, this resulted in spending several hours editing the colour schemes instead of focusing on other work that had to be done at that time. Luckily not too much backtracking had to be done as the problem was identified early enough due to constant asset implementation and testing.

Looking back at the plans whilst in pre-production, the colour palette was an obvious and high priority specification that just became lost in translation during the design prep. This particular problem has taught me how crucial it is to outline this early on to ensure designers are working towards a shared vision at all times, it also allows constant re-visitation during the project for guidelines.






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