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[FutureShop] An Idle Start



Hello everyone.

My name is Guido, and I like to label myself as a "Aspirant Youtuber" and also a Game Developer.

For the past month I've been creating a Idle Game and recording my progress in a sort of Tutorial / Devlog.

And today I would like to talk a little about this game. How I've come up with this Idea, where I want to go with it and also the current progress that has been done.

So, myself being a gamer, every time I play a game I wonder how the developer created it. And this one time I stumbled upon a game called "Merchant" (link). The concept of this game was very simple, you are a merchant, you hire "heroes" to send in quests where they get you materials, with said materials you craft items to enhance your heroes to send in even more difficult quests. Rinse and Repeat. The formula was so simple I thought: "- Hey I can create something like that". And so I started.

Instead of creating a medieval looking game I wanted to go for a more sci-fi / futuristic theme, and that was the start of FutureShop. I booted up Unity & OBS and started recording.

The first thing I wanted to implement in this game was the ability to get random items, with no fancy wait times or quests to do, simply click a button, get an item. That was fine and all but also I would like to check the items I have (because what is the point of collecting items if you can't check them?) and so I implemented a very basic inventory.

Simple Inventory


Well, with some fancy graphics and this simple mechanic it started to look like a game. However this being an Idle Game you need the Idle part where you wait for things to be done. So I started to implement jobs, and jobs are like quests, that when you finish them you get an item, so there is my wait for things to be done part. I added jobs and each job had a different duration.

Job Duration


Well, this is looking a lot like a game now. But then came a problem. There was no way for the players to save their progress, meaning you would have to play the game from the start every time you opened the game. No one wants that.

And that is where we are at this moment in time. I've added a way for the players to keep their Inventory between sessions. There is much to do but the core mechanics are getting in place, and that is nice.

I've been writing for too long now. So I guess I have to leave the where I want to go with this game for another blog post. So if you enjoyed this one be sure to look for the next one in about a week or so.

Apart from that if you are curious about how I did all this you can check my Youtube Channel (and subscribe)

And finally, if you have an Idea for the game make sure you comment that out.



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I believe most of the challenge in developing a good idle game is to properly balance everything: the right costs and rewards, waiting times, etc.

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On 05/02/2018 at 4:59 AM, jbadams said:

I believe most of the challenge in developing a good idle game is to properly balance everything: the right costs and rewards, waiting times, etc.

That sure is a challenge, and it's something that should be changed even after release. Based on the feedback of the community.

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