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Lots and lots of housekeeping going on here. When you're getting near the end of your project, you're generally inundated with all of the little nitpicky stuff that you forgot to do before. Lots of little bugs and typos that you ignored during the project come back with a vengeance when your project's near completion.

First off, there were a few remnants of the internet stuff left over from when I was on a quest to internet-ize my games. The stuff's still there, but the games are gonna do one more go-round as standalone games while the internet game-server market sorts itself out. The games do work via a shared-object model (two identical objects that are synchronized across a communication channel), but the sharing is strictly within the game itself at this time. Also, I always planned to have global high-score tables, but I never got around to putting together the high-score server hardware and software. Probably next year, when I put together my state-machine class.

I'm also adding bits of descriptive text here and there. The new game-browser shows off little bits of descriptive text about each game. I put in quickie descriptions a few months ago, but they could certainly use some fleshing-out.

Not much new on the marketing front. Shelly and I checked out the local computer marts for names of companies that might be interested in our type of product. We got a few names. Fewer than last year, because there were a few mergers. We'll probably start sending stuff out once we get some box-art done. Hopefully we'll get a bite.

On the trading front, nobody's said they want any of my stuff. Jeez, don't be shy!
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