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more product goodness

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Just bought my plane tickets to San Jose for GDC '00. Can't reveal anything just yet, but if we do half of the stuff we've been proposing, Gamedev.net is gonna have the best GDC coverage you'll find. I'm sure you'll start seeing info about it in a week or so. Keep an eye out!

Still spamming. Got a total of six items for sale on eBay now. I've got a couple more large items that I'm gonna offer (a Mac and a music keyboard), and a couple more small ones, but I've gotta wait to develop my film before I can post pictures.

Check 'em out here.

Got another product on the shelves!

. . .well, somewhat. . .

It's a super-cheap $4.99 pack of 21 of my games. It's being packaged by StarShine, and it's apparently arriving in Best Buys stores this week. I checked out my local Best Buys, but didn't see them. They had other StarShine products, so I presume it'll be there soon. I'll post box-shots when I get a copy.

As always, if you have a games-sighting, email me. I spied a copy of Top 50 Blazing Windows 95/98 Games in Wal Mart last week. That warmed my heart, as Expert never was able to get my stuff in Wal Mart.
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