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Okay, Microsoft has officially annoyed me

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Wednesday afternoon I put up a DVD beta of Microsoft Visual Studio .net on eBay. It stayed up for 24 hours, then was suddenly canceled due to "licensing restrictions".
Now then, this was a disk that came packaged with issues of Dr Dobb's Journal and Software Development magazine (I get both, which is why I was selling one). I agreed to exactly zero licensing agreements in getting these DVD's. I opened no shrinkwrap and did nothing even resembling signing a contract in receiving the DVD's. They simply appeared in my mailbox, and yet someone at Microsoft thinks that the fact that they gave 'em to me somehow restricts what I can do to 'em.

Sorry, Microsoft, but it just ain't so. They're mine to do with as I please.

So, just to be contrary and to violate whatever licensing agreement to which Microsoft thinks I am bound, I'm gonna give away that DVD to the first person who sends me a buck to cover postage. Email me here if you want it.
FWIW, it's a really nice product. Includes VC++, VB, C#, Managed C++, and complete documentation. Install it, re-sell it, or mail it back to Microsoft and claim that they're now violating your copyright. Whatever you want to do, it's yours!
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