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I'm gonna be sick

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I didn't realize how bad times have gotten. IGN has a rundown on around TWENTY movies that are being made about videogames.

Cringe here.

Okay, there is one constant in the universe, and that is ALL MOVIES BASED ON VIDEOGAMES SUCK!

Street Fighter sucked
Tomb Raider sucked
Mortal Combat sucked
Super Mario Brothers sucked
Final Fantasy sucked
Wing Commander sucked
Resident Evil sucked

Am I the only one who is seeing a trend here? Do you honestly think that Crazy Taxi: The Movie or House of the Dead: The Movie is going to be worth watching?

People, we must send a message to Hollywood. Don't get sucked into the hype. Don't tell yourself "Yeah, I know it's probably bad, but the preview was really cool, so I'll go". You're just ripping yourself off.

Learn a little something from the Star Trek and Pauly Shore movies --if you stop going to them, they will stop making them!

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