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Got a new personal focus

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I've decided that I'm gonna read all the Isaac Asimov stuff that I can find. I found a cheap copy of It's Been a Good Life at the half-price bookstore and was amazed. I'd never really given the guy much thought beyond my high-school reading of I Robot, but he was quite a scientist and a very prolific writer (less than 10% of his published works were science fiction). I've come to this conclusion:

1. Isaac Asimov knew everything.
2. Isaac Asimov wrote down everything he knew.
3. Therefore, if I read everything he wrote, I'll know everything too.

I had a bout with some bad sushi on Sunday and spent the whole day in bed, so I got a chance to read the entirety of Only a Trillion that I found at the half-price bookstore for 50 cents. It was quite a little gem, with two chapters in the middle that amount to the best discussion of abiogenesis that I've found anywhere.

Anyway, when I get a new obsession I like to share it. After all, being obsessed with something and keeping it to yourself is just creepy.

Lessee. I read a whole Asimov book in one day. If I can keep up this clip, I'll have read everything he wrote by late next July :)
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