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You gotta move it, move it....

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Not much has been happening on the home front. I decided to somewhat rework Lucid a bit so to make game states and everything much easier as the amount of annoyingness I faced with Asster. I've put in TinyXML support and have been playing around with it recently. It's very cool, but the documentation is pretty horrible. I hate lack of documentation with third party libraries. I'll be sure to document everything I can with Lucid.

If anyone has any tips about using TinyXML or encryption of any sort, please tell me. The System::File namespace is next on the menu. System::File::Scripting would be cool as well. Tiny Encryption Algorithm looks promising. Although, the source seemed to have disappeared from their website. AngelCode seems to have a promising demo example up using it.

Random Interest

The True Programmers' Sleep Cycle
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