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Day four impressions

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Day four is when folks start to get tired. The initial expo-floor crush has slowed to manageable levels. Things just aren't the roar that they have been.

San Francisco's nice, but like most cities has its problems. The mass transit system's great. There are lots of good restaurants. Parts of the city smell funny. There are homeless people everywhere. There appear to be fewer fundamentalists and more touchy-feely new-age types (which is a net plus because no touchy-feely new-age person has yet tried to convert my kid or demand my tax money to promote his world-view).

There's a table of Scientologists near the train station, complete with "e meter" and a pile of L Ron Hubbard books. For the uninitiated, Hubbard claimed that aliens were murdered by an evil being named Xenu 75 million years ago. The ghosts of those aliens are stuck to us and cause all of our mental problems. Using an "e meter", which is a cheap galvanic skin response meter in a fancy case, you can shed those aliens and become "clear".

And no, they're not as fun as they sound. They take themselves way too seriously and are only too happy to start smear campaigns against their critics. some of my best advice for mental health is to avoid 'em.

We ate at a restaurant mentioned in "The Maltese Falcon" yesterday. Halfway through our meal a group of college kids rushed in and handed us a flyer saying that this restaurant had been cited ten times for health code violations. They then hung out outside while the police kept 'em at bay. Of course, they weren't there because they were worried about my health. They were a group of young racketeers for the local union, which the restaurant had apparently offended in some way. Good food, though.

Between the homeless people and the union racketeers, I got yelled at a lot today.

How can a movie about robots have fart jokes? Farting would require a digestive tract, which robots presumably don't have. Oh well.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


> demand my tax money to promote his world-view

Are you kidding me? These types want more and bigger government at every corner in your life.

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You watch too much cable news. The biggest disproportionate expansion of government ever has occurred under the rule of the current conservative fundamentalist, not any liberal new-ager.

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If you're comparing the percentage of GDP vs spending FDR, Reagan, and Carter were worse then Bush. That is if you believe the GAO.

Now, FDR can be forgiven because he was fighting WWII at the time but it's interesting to see the strain that it put on the US economy. in 1943 we ran over a 30% deficit. In 2004 we ran a 4.5% deficit (estimated). The GAO projects a %3 deficit for 2005. We'll see what the real numbers end up being.

Edit: fixed brain-fart about FDR

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