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This weekend will be the first time in a while that I look at JavaTactics. It is truly amazing how much energy it takes to sit in front of a computer screen for 40 hours per week... The only thing that I could hope to be different would be for me to do some actual programming instead of this ASP crap that I'm doing...

Oh!! And for those who wondering about what I did at the party... I now have a picture of me in absolutely nothing playing the piano... explains why I had woken up next to the piano... But the strange thing was that I woke up in my clothes, and I don't ever remember taking them off the night before... This was the only time, and hopefully last time that I have ever ben shit-faced at a party... I have learned my lesson.

I shall keep you posted over the weekend about my progress on Java Tactics. I also have a planned update of the Java Tactics website (which is almost completly void of information).
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I'm willing to bet that someone took advantage of you, then re-dressed you so you wouldn't be startled that you were nekkid when you awoke.

Alcohol == good. Smash-drunk == bad.

"Alcohol will solve all your problems, except alcoholism."

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