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Sir Sapo


Hey guys, its been a while since I updated my journal, and suprisingly, I haven't much to say.

All I have been doing for the past couple of weeks code wise, is work on Dogfight Online, the multiplayer portion of Angels 20. It coming along great. I have most of the game logic written out for the 2 simple gametypes, dogfight and team dogfight, and I have started working on the Steal the Prototype and Elimination gametypes. The game looks like a simpler A20, because it is running on the same engine, but there are some pretty critical differences between the two, like the way the guns work , the physics, and the GUI display. I still have to add some essential graphical stuff to the game such as particles and whatnot. The game in its current state works very well, just the graphics are very barebones(as you can see in the screenies below).

Theses screens were taken at a lower resolution than the games default, so they look a little fuzzy.

I also finalized the eras a Dogfight Online game can take place in, as you can see below.

World War I
World War II USSR
World War II Western Front
World War II Pacific

Each era has 8 flyable aircraft, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

The only problems I have been having with Dogfight Online, are when I change some function in the Server's player class, I will forget to change it in the Client's class, which really can ruin your day when your game starts crashing on startup. Problems aside, its coming along great, so expect a demo soon.

Well, hopefully i will be able to update this journal more often this week, I will see you guys later.
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