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StompyPad Pwns Notepad (not a subliminal message)

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I was reading TraderJack's journal, and apparently he wants StompyPad. Me, not being one to dissapoint, have put it in a zip file, and it is now in my webspace. You can download StompyPad here. It is a modest 7kb, so downloading it shouldn't take too long. The C# source code is included. StompyPad allows you to open text files, save text files, and edit them.
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I was thinking about what retro game I would like you to make since you mentioned some in a past post. Problem is I don't remember the name. It was a cross between Tempest and Galaga. At the end of every level you would zoom off to another planet hehe. Anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Tempest is another one I like.

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Ah, now I remember, Gyruss was the name of the game. From Neptune to Earth or was it the other way around.

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You linked to Stompy instead of StompyPad

Ugh, I feel dumb now...
I fixed the link though.

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