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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

I got a lot done on the cutscene 'engine' for A20. Today I added support for background music and voice tracks. After about an hour of trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with my camera translations, I got everything working how I want it to. One feature I added was some "shortcuts" you could enable inside the movie file. Some of the shortcuts include:

-Clouds (so you don't have to define each one manually)
-Bouncing (Adds a little bit of roughness to an objects flight path, makes it look more realistic)
-Scrolling Background image (For when you have actual objects in the background)

Speaking of the movie file format, I don't think I'm going to spend the time to actually make a GUI editor for the movies, they're easy enough to make by hand if you know how they work.

Anyways, here's a screenie of my current cutscene in "action":

I was thinking about putting together a little in-game "teaser" trailer using the new cutscene scripts, would anyone actually want to see that?

Well, all I really have left for the main engine of A20(how many times have I said that[wink]), is to tweak the weapons values, integrate my PNG loader, and then work on some final gameplay touches.

Mark and I are thinking about trying to sell A20 as shareware when we're done with it. What we're aiming for now is to finish the first chapter of the campaign and release that as a free download. By then we should be able to pour all our effort into content creation, and once we have finished the remaining chapters, we're going to try and sell them for a small price ($10 for the whole product). Even if we sell 1 copy of the game, we have made a profit(we haven't spent a dime on this), and I'll be happy with that[grin]. Anyways, would anyone who reads this journal, and likes A20 buy a polished complete version of it? Let us know.

Well, its been a while since I went off topic, so I figured I might as well gripe about something in this entry, and I have the perfect topic thanks to Scet's journal entry. In it he said:

I hate having people watch me work, mainly because my stuff is lightyears ahead of their shit and draws too much attention.

I know exactly how he feels, while everyone else is going over stuff like if/then statements and for loops in my CS AP class, I'm working on Angels 20, and I hate all the "suggestions" I get. I don't mind it when people ask me how I did something, or how a certain thing works(I rather enjoy explaining the game[grin]), but I hate it when people make stupid 'suggestions' for our game. I swear, every single day I get at least one: "d00d, it would be teh awesome if you made it so that you could go around shooting stuff on the ground after you ejected!!!11!!!1!11one", to which I reply, "yeah, that would be sorta cool, but it really wouldn't fit in the overall scheme of things", to which they reply, "ahhh cumon, that'd be teh gr8est thing evar, just try it!11!1!1!!", like I have a line in my program that says: bool BATTLEFIELD2MODE = false; that can automatically make my game "teh awesome". Speaking of my CS AP class, it's full of goddamn retards who think that removing the mouse ball out of someone else's mouse is the pinnacle of comedic achievement. I swear, every goddamn day some little bastard does something retarded to my computer, like unplugs the monitor, or switches the keys around on the keyboard, etc. It's not even clever stuff, just stuff that takes me a grand total of 3 seconds to diagnose and fix. ARRGHHH!!!

Now that that's out of my system, I think I will end this most excellent entry, and talk to you guys later.
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Recommended Comments

You have to be nice to the "immature" people around you Sir Sapo. Remember they may have the power to spit in your food and drink when they finally get that career working in McDonalds or GenericCoffeHouse #10 in a few years :-)

Ignore them and continue with what you enjoy as best you can, it can only benefit you in the long run.

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Ahhh yes, you are truly wise beyond your years ukdm[grin]. I'm not overtly mean, just easily annoyed.

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LOL.. Sounds like that CS AP class is the place to be.

Go talk to the teacher, that'll end whatever "coolness" they think they have right away. :P

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Unfortunately, my teacher isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Sometimes I doubt he even knows what he's talking about when it comes to some stuff. Just the other da he was telling us how he has learned over 10 programming languages in the past couple of years, then he goes on telling everyone how C++ uses periods instead of semi-colons at the end of a line......

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