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Well. I'm still alive, but horribly busy with HOMEWORK that for some reason takes -forever- to comprehend. Thats what I get for having a wretched Learning Disability (Grasping things at a slower pace).

I'm sure you all have heard of, "DON'T FIX SOMETHING THATS NOT BROKEN". Well. I found out yesterday that my Veteran Affairs benefit package for this semester will NOT be processed until the end of October, so I will not get paid until NOVEMBER! Uh, School ends December... How crazy is that? All because they, 'updated their system'.. Thank god for a credit card or I may have had to live on the campus lawn. @.@

So, the classes are a pain in the neck.

I'm taking Calculus I, yet again, and It is making me wish I would have soaked that stuff up last semester, because I'm about to have it force fed this semester. A LOT of memorization and no calculators. So, I've got myself a Graduate tutor, and I'm going all out. ;)

Java.. Is well... Java to a newbish beginner really. My teacher last semester, sucked horribly bad at teaching, and this semester, I have a new teacher that explains everything in extreme detail and asks some really "Challenging" questions for homework. Needless to say, since nobody is keen on the help-with-homework idea online, she gets a lot of e-mails from me. ;)

A great example is how many times this loop executes in terms of n, and what algorithm is it in big-O notation.

for(int i = 1; i <= n; i++){
for(int j = 1; j <= n; j = j*2) {
System.out.println(i + "" + j); }}

DO NOT ANSWER THIS. Homework isn't due until Weds, I just wanted to throw it out for people to think about.

My Logical Programming class... Uh, I've never seen anything quite like this one before. If you know about Tarski's World, then this is what we are dealing with. If you dont, Here is a Java applet that will give you an idea of the world that this class works in to solve some crazy statements.

Check out Tarski's World

Microeconomics... Uh. Microeconomics...

As for CODING..

BLEH. I'm pissed. NOT only am I spending a ton of time with this homework, I'm not getting anytime with C++. So, last night and most of -all- of today, I just did Homework just so I can possibly code tomorrow! So, if my instructors dont e-mail me back regarding my Java questions, I'm going to be taking some 1 on 1 with my MSVC compiler. ;)

On a lighter note, Friday I went to a house BBQ where, not only was I the only guy there, but there were 35ish females... Thats a nice ratio... But, lucky for me, I -HAVE- a girlfriend... Yeah. Lucky... me.... >cough<

Take care everybody, and thanks for checking out my rant ;)
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Only when one has a girlfriend does one find themselves at a bbq with 35 women. Tis the way of the universe, a harsh fickle bitch it is.

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