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me likey worms

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After playing Gunbound for awhile, I got kindof tired of "no ks" and "stompy u n00b go play something else lol" so I stopped. Frankly, I actually wanted to play it so that I could control the whole team, but that wasn't possible.

This is when I became interested in the game that inspired Gunbound, Worms. I bought Worms 3d on the cheap, like $9, and am now playing it. It is a really great game, and has rejuvinated my love of Turn Based Strategy games (which reminds me, I need to get back to playing advance wars).

In other news, Nintendo has unveiled the Revolution control. Frankly, I'm going to go out and say that this is a great idea. I don't think Nintendo can compete with Sony and Microsoft directly anymore, and I think they have realized it too. I'm going to buy it, if nothing else I can still download the old school nintendo games. I honestly do hope the Revolution succeeds, so Nintendo can continue on.

In other, other news, I don't know if any of you guys play Rainbow Six: lockdown, but that is one buggy game. My brother went to play the game on Wendesday, and the game now freezes everytime he signs on to XBox Live. The saddest part is that this bug is actually quite common. Now the company has to provide esoteric solutions to the problem so people will actually be able to play online.

And that is my random rant post, may it rest in pieces...
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Indeed, the community of Gunbound is generally incredibly immature and poorly behaved (as I suppose many online communities are). Anyone of even slightly reasonable skill is constantly accused of either cheating or of being on a second or third account, and the insistence on not "no KS" (often at the expense of victory for the team) is extremely irritating.

As for the Revolution's "remote controller", I also think it could very well be an excellent move on the part of Nintendo, and it's definately about time someone tried something different. I'll certainly be investing in a Revolution before I even consider either the PS3 or XBox360 (which I'll probably get after the price drops significantly).

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It will be interesting to see what happens with the console wars this time around. The promise of the revolution being able to emulate games from the days of old is promising, but not exclusive. I think for hardcore gamers it is great, but at the same time how many pc emulators or moded console emulators are there today that allow you to play all those games as well, and for free? I'm not condoning such actions, I'm merely stating that the feature alone may not be enough to save Nintendo this time around, and it is the only feature that I've heard that Nintendo fans are looking foward too. As for the controler, I too applaud them for trying a different approach. I've been reading for years of proposed alternative ways for input to be handled and this is the first mainstream attempt I've seen at something different. Unfortunately, as a lot of innovative ideas at first are, it maybe a head of it's time, and may end up being another Power Glove. Let's just hope Nintendo gets it right this time.

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The controller is definately a risk from the business perspective. Some part of me thinks, however, that if they can get sufficient third-party backing, and at least one or two "mega" games at the same level in terms of popularity of something along the lines of Zelda or Halo coming from a third-party, they'll be alright.

A third-party developer will likely stray away from the unique controller due to portability issues, though, given that the Revolution can supposedly also use a GameCube controller, it seems safe in terms of games being ported to the revolution.

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