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Dead comp walking

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Saturday, Dec 3rd

Well, looking at the radar map on weather.com it's supposedly snowing rather heavily in my area. But I don't care enough to get up off my ass to go check out the window. Snow what, I say.

So yea, my computer is on its way out. Well, the hard drive is at least. But that's pretty much the computer right there. I mean, like a processor or something, without one a computer is pretty much useless. Luckily I'm still under warranty, and I'm mailing out my extended warranty on Monday. My first scare came last week when my comp froze up trying to log back into Windows. I rebooted and it tried to run a diskcheck. Last time it did that it took like 4 hours and screwed up my comp so I had to reformat. So I quick exited and managed to log back on, but as I was trying to start backing up my data onto my two old computers, a blue screen of death came up. So I rebooted and let diskcheck do its thing. Only took a few minutes this time and everything seemed fine after it booted back up - but a BSoD popped up yet again, and when I restarted XP would begin to load and then a message would display saying "Operating system not found". My heart froze in my chest, but luckily I remembered they had a troubleshooting question about this issue in my VAIO handbook. So I checked and they said to go into the BIOS and reset to the default system settings. I did and XP booted up just fine. *phew* backed up all my data and felt much safer.... till today. Now the drive seems to like to thrash itself everynow and then. It happened twice so far and it locks up the computer and the hard drive light just stays on until I manage to reboot or just plain switch the thing off.

So here I am backing up yet again, and I think I'm going to have to back up every single night from now on just to be safe. Add this on top of the fact that my family's router was also making its way to the grave. It was constantly resetting itself and losing its settings - I couldn't stay online for more than 15 minutes before I would get kicked off AIM. My internet was slow and spotty as well. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and made my parents buy a new one. Now we have a wireless G router vs. a B, so now I get to take full advantage of my G adapter as well.

I suppose I'll get in the habit of backing up till the thing dies. If I do it every day it shouldn't take more than 30 mins. Or I can schedule it to be taken in to have a new hard drive put in but I hate downtime. I don't have a suitable machine to use in the interim. Well, I suppose I could hook my external monitor up to my old laptop just for everyday stuff like email and webstuff till I get my main machine back. I'll have to contact my local VAIO repair center, wherever/whatever that is. *sigh*

I was gonna work more on GC tonight too (got started a bit in fact) - I checked through the T2D Reference doc to look at the tile map capabilities and now have a crystal clear idea of how to go about making the game maps in the editor. But now I'm all bummed out, so I think I'm gonna go watch Madagascar for the second time (just got it on DVD last week) and cheer up a bit - hopefully.

Oh yea, as a final note - today I finally dropped the Luna interface for a classic windows look. I finally got fed up with menus taking a second or two to display and Firefox especially would take a few seconds just to restore. I needed to cut down on my memory usage, and plus it hardly looks all that different to me really. Wish I had made myself do it a long time ago.
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