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Terrain ideas.

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I am still trying to make an overhead shooter The problem encountered: All terrain engines are square... For the over head shooter I need a rectangular terrain, meaning I need it to be longer going one way. What I thought of doing is taking the height map and trying squeezing 3 sections into it, so one I reach the end I wrap around to the other sections, obviously the section will have to blend at the tips... Another way I thought of doing it is create my own custom 3d mesh for the terrain in 3DS, which will be bassicly a rectunagular mesh. I have friends in the aerospace industry that can draw up some nifty terrains How computationaly expensive is this method? Also, now LS uses 1 big detailed texture, that is a tga which we have to convert to jpg. CAn we load the tga in photoshop, and draw vehicle paths or foot prints on the tga then save it as jpg and import it to LS?

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You can edit the texture used on your terrain in any picture edittting program.

You do need to match up the tile ends.

Look for a thread (say 45 days ago) regarding someone just updating the height map tga inside his program to simulate movement, while the player stayed at (0,Y,0) with only rotations being done on the terrain. A larger terrain would be a job for databases.

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