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Can anyone point me in teh right direction for unpacking/repacking game files of various file types. I want to do it for a specific game and so far noone has been able to do it so i want to have a go. I have no knowledge of progamming but i learn easy so where do i go from here?

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Unless you have specs on the formats of the files in question, there''s not really much you can do. Some common file formats--various id filetypes such as MD2, MD3 and such--can be readily found, but others are not. Unless you know how the data is laid out, you can''t modify it.

It is possible to reverse-engineer a file format, a process that takes patience and not a little ingenuity. To learn that, I''d recommend hanging out in places and forums related to modders and mod communities, as those types will tend to be a little more skilled at the reverse engineering process. Folks around here are usually more concerned with the initial engineering.

Learning a bit of programming certainly wouldn''t hurt if you plan on doing mods.

Blender--The Gimp--Python--Lua--SDL

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