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AngelScript 2.8.1 released

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After an extremely long period of silence I've finally released version 2.8.1 of AngelScript. Well, not really silence, as those of you who follow the progress closely know, I've been working hard to fix all the known bugs. It seems it had been a long time before anyone with any extensive use of the library had upgraded to the latest version of AngelScript, and the previous releases had accumulated quite a lot of unknown bugs. But the last couple of months I've worked closely with developers who make quite extensive use of AS, and together we've been able to squash a lot of bugs. In fact the list of bug fixes contains as much as 22 items. It's not something that I'm proud of, but I'm glad they were found and fixed so that we can move on with new features instead of having to fix buggy code. I did manage to add a couple of new features and other improvements as well. The features I think are the most important are the added support for native calling conventions on three new platforms: PS3 (contributed by Jeff Slutter from Reactor Zero), Mac OS X with Intel CPU, and Mac OS X with PPC (added by myself with the help of the Mac Mini donated by Martin Wengenmayer from Cheetah3D). I've also improved the memory footprint of the compiler, to make the library a lot more friendlier to systems with tight memory requirements, such as consoles. If you haven't upgraded before, now is a good time to do so. (I don't have direct access to my site at the moment, so please be patient with discrepancies in the information as I slowly update the pages.) Regards, Andreas

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