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3D Rectangles

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Good Day, I am a novice programmer in 3D graphics and i am using C++ and DirectX 9. I would like to know how to draw Rectangles in 3d space when i now the coordinates of each point in 3d space. For example i need to draw a shape whose bases are random rectangles. (Coordinates given in x,y,z) The top base(y=0) could be for example: point1=(-1,0,1) point2=(0,0,3) point3=(1,0,2) point4=(1,0,1) point5(0,0,0) And the bottom base (y=-1) not symmetrical to the top base point1y=(0,-1,1) point2y=(0,-1,3) point3y=(1,-1,2) point4y=(1,-1,1) point5y(0,-1,-2) Is there a given function where i can give those coordinates and the shape is drawn automatically? If not, what other option do i have for accomplishing this task? Thanx in advance, Stakon.

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