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Question on the brushfire algorithm

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Could anyone clarify the meanings of the following terms? 1. Capability => the size of the current node 2. Clearance => the size of the agent 3. Label => ?? Oh, at the same time, I also have query on the following code from the AI Game programming Wisdom series.
else if (check = CheckList(m_pClosed, num)) {   
 		node->children[node->numchildren++] = check;

		if (g < check->g) {
			check->parent = node;
 			check->g = g;
			check->f = g + check->h;

			udFunc(udNotifyChild, node, check, 3, m_pNCData);

			// The fun part...

I wonder why the author checks the g score of the path while it's in the closed list. Normally, he should have skipped it.. how come? Apology for making people repeat because Eng. is not my first language... Thanks Jack [Edited by - lucky6969b on April 2, 2010 5:16:21 AM]

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