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Just Balls

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Just Balls


This is a game where the player has to navigate the terrain to move a ball to the finish line and complete the level. Featuring music from IntraDK. Check out IntraDK's songs at - sjovmaiin - YouTube
There are two chapters with 5 maps in each, they differ in themes, the first chapter has a Steampunk theme with pipes that you you can go under, around or over and gears for visual appeal, chapter 2 has an industrial theme with iron gurders and gaps in the terrain

Staying on the terrain is element of the game, if you fall off anywhere you will have to restart the level, so stay on as long as you can or you will have to do it over and over again.
Reaching the end of the map is the goal and completing it in a certain amount of time adds an extra challenge, also there are monkey heads you can collect through out each level which adds to your score, simply fall through the hole at the end and then you can continue to the next level or restart the current one, when you complete a level you are brought to a screen displaying your time, score and rating, your rating is based on your time, if you complete it in less than 30 seconds then you get a gold rating, 30-45 seconds for silver and 45+ seconds for bronze.
Each map is unique,having diffrent obstacles placed differently, with different amount of obstacles or holes in the ground, making it fun for the player.
Style: Puzzle/Startegy
In-game controls: Up,Down,Left and Right Arrow Keys
Programming Language: Python
Status: Non-Commercially Release
Max Players: 2
Installed Size: 464Mb
Installer Size: 252Mb
Estimated Playthrough Time: 20 - 30 Minutes
Additional Credits: Alexander Robinson - 3D Graphics, IntraDK - Music
System Requirements:
Windows XP,Vista,7
(Tested On) Intel Pentium 4 3.06Ghz
1GB Ram or more
256mb Video Card or better
Windows .exe Installer
MacOSX Version will be finished on 02/08/2012

Made by K.I.A. Interactive Edited by MarkB420

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Hi, welcome to GameDev. It's cool to see your games (this one and PopELation), but FYI these don't really belong in Game Design. They're more suited for Your Announcements. A moderator will likely either move these topics for you, or they will close them and request you to repost there. If you're going to post more of these, I suggest posting in Your Announcements. Edited by Cornstalks

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